Ugh… here goes nothing

SO some of my peeps over at asked me to record myself singing karaoke.  I did it under some protest but without further ado, here is the result.

My friends say that I sing this amazingly.  After watching it, I disagree and think it stinks but a wise person reminded me we are often our own worst critics.  I hope to record some of my original music in the future and share.

Until next time… stay classy, TTFN and Joe “Wookiee” Riot out!


5 thoughts on “Ugh… here goes nothing

  1. flowbeth

    Well done Wookie! 👏👏🎤🎤 you sounded great! When you do sing your own songs you’ll feel less pressure to ‘sound good’ because it’ll be your own music so you won’t have to try to sing like someone else. I always find it harder to sing someone else rather than my own songs! Bravo!

    1. The Wookiee Post author

      This was only created so that I’d have a wordpress account to blog with at Addicts. I once had aspirations to do something with it but my time is better served over there.


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