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  1. Mr. Auto-Correct

    Random Question Time:

    Q: What’s on your mind right now, Wookiee?

    Q: What are you hoping will be the next
    “Simpsons: Tapped Out” update will be? I’m sort of hoping for the monorail.

    Q: Who is you favorite Simpsons character?

    Q: Do you really lock Bunny in your basement? 🙂

    Q: Any hobbies?

    1. The Wookiee Post author

      1) Dang that Preacher episode was awesome.
      2) Superheroes
      3) Comic Book Guy
      4) Writing/Reading (comic books count, right?)/Playing Guitar

      Just an FYI. I don’t go on this site much. Pretty much only exists so I’d have a wordpress account for I’m easier to catch over there.


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