Ugh… here goes nothing

SO some of my peeps over at asked me to record myself singing karaoke.  I did it under some protest but without further ado, here is the result.

My friends say that I sing this amazingly.  After watching it, I disagree and think it stinks but a wise person reminded me we are often our own worst critics.  I hope to record some of my original music in the future and share.

Until next time… stay classy, TTFN and Joe “Wookiee” Riot out!


So, this blog only exists because I needed a WordPress account to post on TSTO sites.  If you don’t know what that is, it is The Simpsons Tapped Out and it is an EPIC game on iOS and Android devices.  SInce creating this empty shell, I have been blessed to actually become one of the authors at  Definitely not a competition site with any of the other TSTO resources out there.  Just an amazing place to find information about the. Best. Game.  Ever.  You can guess which TSTO site I’m probably partial to so I won’t bore you with my opinion… yet.  If you go to addicts, there’s plenty of posts with my opinions that might bore you (LOL).  I am a gigantic Star Wars and Simpsons fan (both literally and figuratively).  Lived some life and been to a bunch of cool places.  I am a regular member of another great TSTO site…  This site is like the baby of Facebook who only likes watching one thing on TV.  A really fun site with some great members including, but not limited to, authors and YouTube peeps from a lot of TSTO sites.  Anywho… have a great day and hope to see ya around Addicts!  You stay classy party people!